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The American Dental Association, ADA, recommends that you visit a dentist regularly. This will prevent dental diseases, stop tooth decay, ensure whiter teeth and fresh breath, and detect cancer of the mouth. And this is not limited to individuals with a natural set of teeth. Patients with dentures should also visit a dentist regularly to have optimum oral health.

Dental Emergencies 33703

According to the ADA, dental emergencies, the percentage of people who undergo dental emergencies is about 22%. This means that emergencies related to the teeth are more common than we imagine.

Dental emergencies include the following situations.

  1. Knocked-out tooth, including babies and adults.
  2. Cracked or broken tooth.
  3. Foreign objects caught between the teeth.
  4. Accidentally biting lip or tongue.
  5. Broken jaw.
  6. Toothache with swelling face or parts of it.
  7. Abscess with or without a toothache.
  8. Broken or loose braces or brackets.
  9. Soft tissue injuries, including lips, gums, cheeks, and tongue.

Dental emergencies naturally need an immediate trip to the dentist's chair. This is essential so that the doctor fixes the problem before it goes out of hand. The dentist may even be able to preserve the broken or a knocked-out tooth if you get to the ER early. This is paramount if you are an adult since adult teeth can be harder to preserve. Call (855) 950-5174 immediately!

A trip to the dentists with dental emergencies St. Petersburg can alleviate severe pain, stop the bleeding, and also save a tooth. In addition, the doctor can also save you from potentially life-threatening teeth and mouth infections.

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Root canal

Root canal treatment 33703 or endodontic treatment is a very common procedure in dentistry. Unlike the popular dread surrounding a root canal treatment, it is not a particularly painful procedure. However, it is a serious dental problem that needs the attention of a certified dentist in St. Petersburg FL.

How do you know a root canal treatment is necessary?

The most obvious situation that warrants a root canal treatment is a cracked tooth. However, a root canal may be necessary if you experience one of the following:

  1. Sensitive tooth, particularly to a cold and hot food or beverage in your mouth.
  2. Aching and sharp pain while biting and chewing.
  3. Painful swelling on the gums, big or small.
  4. Darkening of the gums, with or without pain.
  5. Tender and swollen gums.
  6. A cracked or chipped tooth.

Patients undergoing root canal treatment will be administered anesthesia. Therefore, a root canal treatment is no more painful than other dental treatments. Of course, you will experience some soreness and numbing sensation in the area of treatment. In addition, there will be mild discomfort for a couple of days after the treatment, which is completely normal.

Crowns 33703

Dental crown treatment is carried out to protect damaged teeth. Furthermore, in cases where a tooth filing does not solve the problem, crowns restore the shape of the tooth.

Dental crowns – what are they?

Dental crowns are essentially like caps for your tooth. They may be either full and cover the entire tooth or ¾ of the tooth, called Onlays and ¾ crowns. Some dental covers are temporary, while others are permanent.


These cap-like covers are generally made of the following materials: ceramic, porcelain, porcelain with metal, metal, resin.

When is a dental crown necessary?

There are several reasons why a dental crown is the best treatment for you and your teeth. Here's a few of them:

  1. Covering a tooth with a filling or a root canal treatment 33703.
  2. Anchor and hold a dental bridge in place.
  3. Giving shape to a worn down or decayed tooth.
  4. Supporting a weak tooth or broken tooth.
  5. Act as a natural tooth covering for dental implants.
  6. Give a natural and more pleasing aesthetic to a severely discolored and stained tooth..


By definition, dental bridges are structures that a dentist uses to replace a missing between two natural teeth. The other name of dental bridge is a pontic or a false tooth. The abutment teeth that are closest on either side of the missing tooth holds the pontic. A false tooth has the same appearance as your tooth, and only the wearer is aware of it.

What are the different types of dental bridges 33703?

There are three common types of dental bridges. These are: traditional dental bridges, cantilever dental bridge and resin-bonded bridges. We also work in Treasure Island and Orange Park.

What can you expect from a dental bridge?

A dental bridge offers many benefits to those who have a missing tooth or two. In addition, there are other advantages. These are:

  1. A dental bridge improves your smile and, thereby, your confidence.
  2. It prevents bone deterioration that can occur when a tooth has been missing for a long period.
  3. A bridge can help you eat and chew better, which in turn benefits your overall health.
  4. It improves your speech.
  5. It also adjusts your bite to the best natural alignment.

Tooth extraction 33703

Tooth extraction is another common procedure in dentistry. However, it should be carried out by a qualified dentist or an oral surgeon.

Wisdom tooth extraction is the most common reason why people require this procedure. However, tooth decay and infection, as well as crowding, can also require tooth extraction.

Tooth extraction can be either a simple one or surgical, depending on your tooth condition. The recovery for tooth extraction can be anywhere from a few days to a week. This dental procedure is no more painful than a regular dental procedure.

Wrapping up

If you are in need of a St. Petersburg Florida dentist, you are in good hands. We provide the services as mentioned earlier to our esteemed clients all over the city. Since no two patients are the same, we focus on giving personalized treatment as opposed to a generalized one. It starts when you step into our clinic through the consultation, the treatment, and follow up.

We are passionate about relieving you of dental problems and bringing smiles to our clients, young or old.

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